The UDDR campaign is led by The Internet Foundation, a not for profit organisation established to promote and protect digital human rights globally.

The UDDR Campaign

Digitterra believes the time has come to establish a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights that clearly defines the rules on how our governments and third party organisations can use our data online. We believe this Declaration should be ratified by the United Nations as a natural extension of our human rights outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Though there have been some attempts to address digital rights in the past there is still no single holistic guideline to which all nations can be held accountable as there is for human rights. Our team has produced a first draft of what this Declaration might look like. Our strategy has three steps:

Step #1: Build the platform

The first step is to crowdfund a platform with which to develop and refine this draft with a community of the best privacy and human rights specialists from around the word.

This platform will also be used to develop an e-petition tool to gather signatures from citizens of the US, UK and other countries to present to the White House, 10 Downing Street and other governments calling on them to endorse our Declaration and for them to sponsor our request to the UN for Universal Digital Rights.

With 100,000 signatures we can demand White House and Parliamentary debates on our Declaration.

Step #2: Celebrate the Declaration

Once have used the platform to craft the Declaration we will stage a Digital Rights Festival in the United States and Europe (locations to be confirmed) on the 10th of December as part of the UN’s Human Rights Day.

We will invite thought leaders, artists and digital rights activists from around the world to speak at this festival and present our declaration to the UN. We will close with a concert to promote the Declaration and to launch our e–petition campaign.

Project donors and supporters will be able to suggest and vote on locations for the festival and concerts.

Step #3: Launch the largest e-petition campaign in history

At the Digital Rights Festival we will launch an international campaign to promote the UDDR petition, aiming to become the world’s largest ever petition with the goal of getting ten million citizens from across the globe to sign up to it by the end of 2014, demanding the recognition of universal digital rights from their governments and the UN.

In summary, with your contributions we will develop a platform for the world's best digital human rights specialists and advocacy groups to use to crowd source a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights that we can all stand behind along with a framework for its implementation that millions of citizens can support.

Digital Rights are Human Rights. Stand up for yours.